Saturday, February 6, 2010

First 2 weeks in Salamanca!

Hola a mi familia y mis amigos! Wow, I cannot believe that I have only been in Salamanca for 2 weeks because it seems like I have been here forever! I am finally in full swing of Spanish life since classes have started.
As I mentioned before, Basi is my host mom who is a 66 year old divorced woman with 5 children. They are all older and married, but her daughter, Ana, comes home a lot to eat lunch. Her 17 year old granddaughter comes over a lot also. I love it when they eat with us because it gives me a chance to improve my Spanish. The language has been pretty frustrating at times because sometimes I feel like I am just getting dumber instead of learning more. Talking with them helps, though, because they are patient and help me with my grammar and teach me words. I am getting much better at understanding what Basi says. She is very nice, but it took us a couple weeks to warm up to each other. She is very clean and likes everything tidy and in a certain way. Tanya and I got scolded a few times for leaving trash in our room, using the water too late, or little things like that. Yesterday Basi and I totally bonded because I showed her pictures of my family and friends...she kept saying how beautiful you all are! Haha. Basi is a good cook, and most of the meals consist of chicken or fish, a salad or tomatoes in olive oil, and a soup or pasta or something. The food is good, it might get a little old after 4 months though! Yesterday I tried churros dipped in chocolate at a cafe, they were soooo delicioso!
Here I have so much free time because on Mondays and Wednesdays I only have 1 class at 5:30, and Tuesdays and Thursdays I have class from 10-2:30. I have been trying to explore Salamanca, shop, or use the internet at a cafe during those times. There is a shoe store about every other store, so it has taken a lot of self control on the shopping part and I keep reminding myself I am here for a long time. Nightlife here is super fun. It is crazy because no one here goes out until late, and bars don't get hoppin until 1 or so. Some discotecas are even open until 7 am! Some of my friends live in a dorm, so we usually meet there before going out. My group is awesome. I have become good friends with all of them and we have already planned so many trips to go on! Next weekend we are going to Sevilla, the next weekend we are going to Galway and Dublin, Ireland, and the next weekend we are going to Rome. It is going to be crazzzyyy and I am excited to get out of Salamanca for the weekend to explore more of Spain and the rest of Europe!
Today we went on a cultural tour of Salamanca which was amazing. I will put up pictures because the city is so gorgeous! We went to the top of the Basilica and had a view of the entire city. Universidad de Salamanca is the oldest university in Spain, opening in the 13th century. The whole university is so ancient and gorgeous. My building for classes is actually not on the main campus, they keep us international students quarantined from the locals. I also discovered this park by my house which is so pretty so I have enjoyed going on runs there!
Anywho, that is life in Spain for now. I miss you all and love you!

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